Human Impact

  1. Campers in Yosemite National Park are killing bears because they keep wondering onto campsites. They set 239 bear traps and caught 21 bears. The park found out that out of 25 bears that were hit by cars, only 5 died. In August of last year, 124 bear killing incidents resulted in more than 535 total incidents in the year. Financial damage added up to be more than $80,000.

  2. Global Warming is causing lack of rain which is causing wild fires in Yosemite. Because of these fires, the landscape is getting cleared out. But not all of the fires are bad, some clear out the rubish for new trees and other plant life. These fires have been happening all through California. Global warming was caused by humans burning oil and gas.

Essential Questions

A: Campers and global warming are both affecting the population of black bears and other wildlife at Yosemite National Park. Global warming is causing the bears to overheat and die. Campers that visit Yosemite kill the bears because they wonder onto campsites and ransack them. In defense, the campers and visitors kill the bears by setting bears traps then stabbing them.

B: If an anonymous person donated $10,000,000 to conserve Yosemite National Park, it would be very helpful to our ecosytem. We would split the money up into 3 groups. One-third of the money would go to helping to stop illegal poaching of the bears and other animals just for their fur. Another third of the money would go to helping the animals with any illnesses and, essentially, trying to keep the animals healthy and well-cared for. The final third of the money would go to helping the bear population at Yosemite stay alive and not become extinct.